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TL;DR Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language that is used by both professional developers and hobbyists… Image Preview
If you’re a writer, you’ve probably considered writing for Medium. After all, it’s a popular platform with a built-in audience. But what… Image Preview
TL;DR I’m a data analyst, and I made this to let you know some of the things that might inspire you or discourage you to dive into the… Image Preview
TL;DR: This tutorial is just for educational purposes, not for private usage. Some years ago, I started a private program that was fetching… Image Preview
This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing, trading or similar actions. I am not responsible for any… Image Preview
Part 4: Fixing bugs and adding a search bar for the stocks. Image Preview
TL;DR: Last year I wrote a story about GME and AMC hype, this year had BBBY as the mega hype (story). I launched a plattform… Image Preview
TL;DR: We will make a nice plot of the volatilities and returns and embed it in our app! Image Preview
TL;DR: In this story, we will add some features to our app: Image Preview
TL;DR: In the previous stories, I was describing how to build a mobile web app, add a user management, build a stock database and a… Image Preview
A step-by-step guide on how to deploy and publish an app on pythonanywhere Image Preview
TLDR ;In my first story, I wrote about how to create a mobile friendly homepage with flask. Now, I want to show you, how you can enhance… Image Preview
TLDR; It is pretty easy to create a daily updated stock database in python. The library yfinance is a great tool. You can use a cheap… Image Preview
TLDR; If you write a lot of medium articles, you may also want to show them also on your own homepage or on different other pages, like me… Image Preview
TLDR; In this tutorial series, I show you how you can build your own crypto database in json format, which you can update daily. In later… Image Preview
TLDR; You should use data.table::fwrite() to export .csv from r, because it is more than >100 times faster. than other methods. If you… Image Preview
TLDR; If you are daily on your desk for hours, you should consider the following tips for your health and productivity. I am giving you… Image Preview
TLDR; Flask is a great tool based on python to build scalable and mobile friendly apps. With plotly you can create beautiful plots which… Image Preview
Disclaimer: This blog article is not financial advice. Please, do your research before investing. I am not responsible for any wins or… Image Preview
TLDR: With Flask you can build fast and easy web apps and websites. I recommend PyCharm or vs code for development. On*… Image Preview