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TL;DR I’m a data analyst, and I made this to let you know some of the things that might inspire you or discourage you to dive into the… Image Preview
Here is a little update on this channel’s r-evolution. Image Preview
For six months now, I am working on SEO and programmatic solutions with Python, since, the Saas tools like Ahref and SEMrush are hundreds… Image Preview
TLDR; Are you looking to build an engaged and loyal audience for your business or blog? One of the best ways to do that is by creating a… Image Preview
TLDR; I will show you two paid alternatives and we will explore how to program your version of ChatGPT using the Eleuther model from… Image Preview
Unleashing the power of R in data science and analytics Image Preview
Asking for more money in a job interview or a current job can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what to do or say. But with the… Image Preview
The Hype of ChatGPT is at its peak these days. I tested a few things with ChatGPT, but the outcomes were superficial and needed a concrete… Image Preview
A few years ago, I decided to change careers from being a sport scientist to a data analyst. It did not mean going back to school. I slowly… Image Preview
R is a powerful tool for data analytics, but you only get the full power by using all shortcuts and tricks. That’s why RStudio offers a… Image Preview
This blog post will show you how to build a link tracker in Flask and Python. By the end of this post, you will have a working link… Image Preview
There is a high demand for data analysts these days due to advancements in technology that require more and more analytical work. Image Preview
TLDR; Programming tutorials are a great asset to your programming knowledge. Read here about mine. You can learn a lot when you know how to… Image Preview
TL;DR: You might be working a full-time job that has you on call 24/7 and can make your work days long, stressful and tough. But with the… Image Preview
TL;DR: I wrote a lot of medium articles, and it took up so much time and effort to keep my homepage up-to-date with any new blog posts… Image Preview
TL;DR Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language that is used by both professional developers and hobbyists… Image Preview
If you’re a writer, you’ve probably considered writing for Medium. After all, it’s a popular platform with a built-in audience. But what… Image Preview
TL;DR: This tutorial is just for educational purposes, not for private usage. Some years ago, I started a private program that was fetching… Image Preview
This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing, trading or similar actions. I am not responsible for any… Image Preview
Part 4: Fixing bugs and adding a search bar for the stocks. Image Preview
TL;DR: Last year I wrote a story about GME and AMC hype, this year had BBBY as the mega hype (story). I launched a plattform… Image Preview
TL;DR: We will make a nice plot of the volatilities and returns and embed it in our app! Image Preview
TL;DR: In this story, we will add some features to our app: Image Preview
TL;DR: In the previous stories, I was describing how to build a mobile web app, add a user management, build a stock database and a… Image Preview
A step-by-step guide on how to deploy and publish an app on pythonanywhere Image Preview
TLDR ;In my first story, I wrote about how to create a mobile friendly homepage with flask. Now, I want to show you, how you can enhance… Image Preview
TLDR; It is pretty easy to create a daily updated stock database in python. The library yfinance is a great tool. You can use a cheap… Image Preview
TLDR; If you write a lot of medium articles, you may also want to show them also on your own homepage or on different other pages, like me… Image Preview
TLDR; In this tutorial series, I show you how you can build your own crypto database in json format, which you can update daily. In later… Image Preview
TLDR; You should use data.table::fwrite() to export .csv from r, because it is more than >100 times faster. than other methods. If you… Image Preview
TLDR; If you are daily on your desk for hours, you should consider the following tips for your health and productivity. I am giving you… Image Preview
TLDR; Flask is a great tool based on python to build scalable and mobile friendly apps. With plotly you can create beautiful plots which… Image Preview
Disclaimer: This blog article is not financial advice. Please, do your research before investing. I am not responsible for any wins or… Image Preview
TLDR: With Flask you can build fast and easy web apps and websites. I recommend PyCharm or vs code for development. On*… Image Preview